The Great Banker Rip-Off

RBS logoThe bosses at RBS, the bank that £45bn of tax-payers money saved in 2008, have the arrogance to go ahead with employee bonuses worth almost £400M, despite reporting a loss of £2bn. These same bosses justify this totally unacceptable and indeed insulting behaviour with excuses such as “… we need to pay these amounts in order to keep top people.”

Can the UK afford “top people” who lose us billions each year? I suggest not!!

 It’s about time the government stopped bowing down to these super-rich, and “grew a pair”. While the majority of the population are suffering pay cuts (‘cos that’s what a freeze equates to) and other austere measures bankers are raking in millions!

I would add that RBS aren’t alone when it comes to insulting the British public in this way; it’s absolutely obscene, and must not be tolerated!

Another debacle, this time at Barclays. While the chairman has done the (only) decent thing by resigning, the other prominent fat-cat, Bob Diamond, is clinging on for dear life to the golden goose. As CEO he’s equally responsible (some may say more so) for the rate-rigging scandal and should be made to resign, whether or not he wants to. He’s eager enough to pick up his multi-million pound bonuses, now it’s time to pay the price. Corruption has to be weeded out, by criminal charges if necessary.

Overwhelming pressure meant he had to follow his chairman, and resign! Bob Diamonds’ grip on the golden goose has finally been prised free, though not before he takes one last multi-million pound pay-off. I’m sure at least the shareholders will be pleased to see him go. Let’s hope that this isn’t a successful ploy to avoid criminal prosecution, should that prove to be warranted.


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