What a great invention…

One of the most under-publicised yet over-used pieces of equipment fitted to any motor vehicle for years must be the “parking lights”.

I’m not referring to the white/red lights most people think of as “side lights”, I’m talking about the device that allows you to park virtually anywhere you like, regardless of regulations.

Footpaths, bus stops, yellow lines all surrender to the universally adaptable Hazard lights.

We all know that parking (in general) on double-yellow lines is a “no-no”, but if we switch the parking lights on, problem solved. Even better if we get off the lines altogether, by parking  on the footpath. As long as we have those orange lights flashing away we can stay as long as we want, and so what if we’re causing an obstruction (usually why there’re restrictions in the first place), others can see our flashing lights!!!

I’m no lover of parking attendants / traffic wardens (though that’s another subject), but the best way to get rid of them is to give them nothing to do. Park correctly. And to the selfish inconsiderate “parking light brigade”… don’t whine when you get what you deserve!


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