Democracy or Dictatorship..?

Oh No, not again!

The disaster continues:

Thanks to an outdated, & many would say corrupt, voting system David Cameron has another term in office. The system of “first past the post” means that the number of votes cast for any particular party doesn’t actually mean much; as illustrated by the fact that UKIP received more votes than the Liberal Democrats & SNP combined, yet SNP got 56 MP’s but UKIP only 1. With almost 4 million people voting for UKIP that surely must correlate to more than just 1 MP, if the system is to be truly representative. Clearly it isn’t! We need proportional representation.

What now for the UK? All those promises made by D.C. will surely fade away as, once again, he’s under the thumb of the E.U. “Control our borders”… how? As long as the E.U. dictate free movement Cameron will not be allowed to limit immigration, and as for the “In-Out” referendum on E.U. membership; simply a pipe dream.merkel-to-run-ukThere has to be radical electoral reform, (@Law_Commission ) if only to preserve peace in this country. Continued injustice such as this can only lead one way, and if the worst happens David Cameron will have allowed it! I bet those who voted for him must be really pleased, while the rest (the majority) live to regret it!

The first time around…

Cameron MUST Go!

David Cameron has managed something no other prime minister has achieved in decades — mass strikes & riots on the streets! It must be a real talent to cause so much anger and anguish amongst so many people in such a short time. It took Labour 13 years to create the chaos you’ve managed to achieve in only 2!

Another first for DC… the first double-dip recession for almost 40 years – and the deepest depression since the war. Britain is going backwards!

David Cameron, you must be so proud of yourself!!!

If you put this country ahead of yourself you will go now, before the damage you’re doing becomes irreversible.

Financial reports across the western world are telling David Cameron that his austerity measures are not working, worse still they have actually sent the UK even deeper into recession. Yet this hypocritical, megalomaniac refuses to acknowledge the facts, and clings on to power – at the expense of the British people. Meanwhile George Osborne, the man many blame for Britains inability to move out of recession, glibly announced that “..other countries are in a worse position [than us]”. Is that supposed to make it OK then? Our concern, and his responsibility, is the UK; he should concentrate on that and stop looking elsewhere for excuses!

Update 26/01/13Cameron does it yet again! Not satisfied with taking the UK into our first double-dip recession in 40 years, he’s now plunging even deeper into the abyss – with a triple-dip recession, not seen for over 180 years, now firmly on the horizon!!! Yet, arrogance overflowing, he still insists that his policies are working. God help us when they don’t!!!

Arrogant posh boys together…!

Marvellous isn't it....

One government spends years running the country into the ground before finally being kicked out – then within weeks has all the answers, and is able to tell the new government how things should be done! If only it was that simple. It doesn’t matter which lot is in power, the scenario is the same. And this fiasco goes on. Nothing actually changes. Governments first priority is “look after No.1” – say what’s needed in order to stay in power, and the British public will pay for it all. Need more money to throw at other countries..? Worry not, increase taxes so that Mr/Mrs Public (the legal ones, that is) will pay.

It’s no wonder there’s civil unrest, particularly in the public sector. The government has virtually no control over private sector businesses, so they hammer the public sector in to footing the bill.

Government mantra…“Say what’s necessary to get elected, then do as we please.”  Sounds like dictatorship to me…

Don’t worry though, if unrest becomes too threatening of those faceless wonders in Whitehall, MPs will simply change the rules to make such unrest illegal (even backdating such legislation as necessary). Great answer!

Now an all too familiar sight, rising unemployment and businesses going bankrupt. When did you last see an MP declared bankrupt…..??? Maybe we should all become MPs, and so guarantee our futures!

So, who benefits from the Cameron approach? Well obviously MPs, but who else? There are certain privileged groups:- Families with children (where more kids = more cash), Criminals (especially those in prison) and of course Immigrants (even illegals), after all we need to look after the less well off, don’t we? Poppycock!!! And heaven forbid we should be seen as discriminating against foreigners (but it’s OK to hammer law-abiding Britons). No input should equal no output; you only receive something from the UK once you’ve put something into the UK!

What about those people born here and who’ve worked all their lives to support themselves – & this country, what do they get from this government? A kick in the teeth and the huge hand of HMRC digging ever deeper in to already shallow pockets! Why bother saving for the future when a major part of what you gain is taken by the state, and what’s left is becoming worth less by the day. Why not just live off benefits, after all certain groups seem to do all right from it!!!

It’s also all too clear that just because someone’s paid in to this country all their working life they’re not guaranteed to get anything back. This government will, when it suits, – and have already – change the laws (even retrospectively) to take away a legitimately earned benefit. It’s just legalised robbery!!

What we need is a new approach. I know, let’s try “common sense”, after all, everything else has failed.

Get back to the time when crime really was punished, instead of rewarded with a short break at “HMP holiday villas” (state of the art gym’s, educations & leisure facilities private clubs would be proud of, etc). How many people actually realise that prison sentences generally equate to half that handed down (i.e. someone receiving a 5 year sentence would actually serve only around 30 months)? Something else the government doesn’t want you to know.

Let’s set up a “transit camp” by the channel tunnel, for all those illegal immigrants who want to break into France…!!

(no prizes for guessing where that idea came from…)

We need to find a handful of politicians with a modicum of common sense…

[apologies for “politicians” and “common sense” in the same sentence]

…and there’s the snag, they’re all too busy feathering their own nests — so that when they get kicked out they’ll be able to maintain the standard of living they’ve become accustomed to!!!

If you have any suggestions as to how the UK can escape from the bottomless bog it’s rapidly sliding deeper & deeper in to please send your comments to the (for now) prime minister, David Cameron, at – although you are most unlikely to receive any response through this channel. A less convenient, though hopefully more effective, way would be to write to…

David Cameron
10 Downing Street

You can also fax him at 020-7925-0918, or tweet @David_Cameron. How ever you do it, please make sure he gets your message.

Who knows, if he receives a really good idea he might even claim credit by announcing it as “policy”. Then again, he’ll probably just continue to do things his own way and ignore anything (or anyone) he doesn’t like. Talk about arrogant; this guy has more faces than the town hall clock!Remember David Cameron’s election pledge; to give the British people a referendum on leaving the EU?

Another broken promise  –  or to put it bluntly one more lie!

24th October 2011: David Nuttall MP (extract)

“The motion reflects the wishes of the hundreds of thousands of people who have signed petitions calling for a referendum on the United Kingdom’s future relationship with the European Union. Opinion polls clearly show that millions of others agree with them: in fact, the vast majority of the British people want a vote in a referendum. The arguments for and against the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union can wait until a future referendum campaign. The motion that is before us today simply paves the way for a referendum to be held on some future, as yet unspecified, date. Therefore, any argument that now is not the right time for a referendum to be held is, quite frankly, irrelevant. Even if the motion is passed today, a referendum is likely to be years away.”

 The motion was negatived on division!

With the EU in crisis we need to get away, before they take us down too!

The British government should never lose sight of one important fact: They are elected by the British people; their first responsibility (Danny Alexander take note) MUST be to the British people and this country. “Charity begins at home”, and while the British people are subjected to austere measures there can be no excuse for throwing money around the globe – unless of course MPs are willing to finance it from their own pockets – which we all know will never happen!!

It may interest some of you to read how this government views certain aspects of its policies…

HM Treasury Response

As if we needed more proof… our generous politicians are now handing out another £10Bn of taxpayers money, this time to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and by way of thanks the IMF suggest that UK savers should be receiving 0% interest rate!! With friends like that who needs enemies?

Even former Labour Cabinet Minister Lord Mandelson is now calling for a national referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU.

The government has finally, after more than 3 months, responded to the question of why we have not yet been given the referendum promised on EU membership. Judge for yourself if you think the letter below a valid response.

EU Referendum Response

Let’s not forget that while David Cameron is the driving force behind this governments catastrophic policies, there’s another senior politician who must also share much of the blame. I’m talking, of course, about Nick Clegg. Through the publics’ displeasure at previous government efforts, he’s found himself in a position of power for the first time, and is totally out of his depth. He doesn’t have the will or ability to stand up to Cameron, instead just happy to have found himself a slot in history. Shame it’s for all the wrong reasons!

VOTE 2012 – LOCAL Elections

It appears the British public are making their feelings about the Cameron coalition abundantly clear! Cameron must go, that much is certain, but there needs to be a credible alternative. Can we really afford the last lot back again… after the chaos their 13 years in office caused? Simply alternating between the “big 3”, as we’ve done for decades, gets us nowhere. We need a radical change!

The 3 main parties have all had a go, and look at the disasters they’ve caused between them. A complete change in direction is what this country needs – or we simply go around in ever decreasing circles, before finally disappearing up…!!!

Update 13/05/13VOTE 2013 – LOCAL Elections

In the latest round of local elections the people have again made it abundantly clear we are disgusted with the present government. A massive swing towards the UK Independence Party (UKIP), with similar massive loses for the “big 3”, sent a clear & unmistakable message to David Cameron — we want out of Europe, NOW!

Camerons Clown

Buffoon Boris… Camerons Clown…

Just two of the titles given to the leader of our nations capital, and this man has the full backing and support of David Cameron. How can anyone ever trust a prime minister with the metal agility of a brick! It seems anything goes if you’re one of the “old boys” club. I’m just grateful this lunatic isn’t running my town.

Cameron is at it again, making promises we all know he’ll never keep. He’s now saying he’ll give us the EU referendum we’ve demanded all along, provided he wins the next general election. No chance!!! Don’t be fooled by yet more of his lies.

What kind of democracy slashes the incomes of its general public whilst awarding its rulers a massive pay increase? MPs are looking for a 32% rise, taking their average salary to over £82,000 a year. David Camerons lot want even more, they want a 48% increase taking their pay to almost £97,ooo a year. All at a time when they’re telling us cuts have to be made! Dictatorship lives on…!!

Update 23/02/13Britain loses it’s AAA credit rating for the first time in 35 years! Yet George Osborne still refuses to admit he’s got it sadly wrong. Must be more of Camerons arrogance rubbing off on his posh pal. Just how gigantic a hole is this government going to dig the UK in to? They have to go!!

Update 22/06/13Another record for Cameron. The UK national debt has reached its highest ever figure! There appears to be no end to the damage this man can do.

Update 30/08/13At last put firmly in his place. So used to riding rough-shod over the UK population, & with his plan (we all know who’s pulling the strings) for military action in Syria wholly rejected, David Cameron now says he “gets it“. Unfortunately not yet he hasn’t, but with luck he soon will!

UK money for UK people!

Update 13/03/14Yet one more example of the arrogance of the Cameron coalition. We, at home, suffer while other nations benefit from our hard work. Cameron listen… “Stop giving away OUR money. It’s simply wrong!”

Update 04/10/14Cameron is panicking again. This time he’s finally latched on to the idea that the British people are sick of being ruled by eurocrats, and is trying to copy the UKIP message. He’s promising that, if he wins the next election, he’ll introduce a Bill of Rights and make changes to laws that stop the ECHR from overruling UK judges. Well DC, words are cheap, and promises easily broken when “situations change”, as they have in the past and will surely do again. If you mean it let’s have the action first then the votes may come; but as we all know it’ll not happen don’t be fooled by empty promises!Stop immigration


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