For Sale – One Country!

What more is for sale?

Is there any limit to what’s for sale in the UK?

Various governments have already sold most of our industries & resources, we no longer own much of what used to put the Great in Britain. Even our prisons are not safe from this scramble for cash. “It’s morally wrong to profit from incarcerating people” a Labour politician announced while in opposition. Strangely enough, once in government that same politician began selling prisons! This latest move, to sell off our road network, portrayed as “bringing in private investment”, is nothing short of selling us down the river.

OK, so we get some cash – for now. But what happens when everything has been sold? We pay whatever is asked to import the goods and services we once owned! And what about security? Accountants running prisons put savings before safety!

Short term gain for long term pain!

Though worry not, the politicians responsible will simply move on, and blame it on the next lot, as usual. It’s the British people who’re left to put up the costs, & suffer the consequences, as usual!


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