Another Government Fiasco

Your Details Sold To Criminals!

Data protection: The law requires the Agency to protect the privacy of individual motorists and to ensure that personal data is used fairly and lawfully.”

How can they reconcile that statement with their latest fiasco?

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency has again sold personal information for profit.

Not for the first time this government department has used drivers details to rake in cash, and this latest episode is made even worse by the fact that your details have been sold to someone the DVLA knew to be a criminal!

Your details are, by definition, yours. No-one should be allowed to use that information in any commercial way without first obtaining your express permission. How many more government departments (or indeed commercial organisations) are similarly using you as a personal ATM? Worse still, what is happening to your information once it’s been sold?

If you or I, as individuals, were as careless with someone else’s information we would be prosecuted under data protection legislation. How hypocritical is that?

Another example of how this dictatorial government holds itself above the law.

“Data Protection”… it’s a joke, and a very bad one at that.


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