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Facebook and Twitter about to close a deal

The two giants, responsible for the social hysteria that turns normally rational human beings in to gibbering cyborgs living their lives in cyberspace in preference to the real world, are close to joining forces.

Details have yet to be finalised but it’s believed that user accounts from each company will be amalgamated, and the resultant users will be known as Twit-faces.

As Facebook shares are about to be floated on the stock market, could Twitter shares be about to float in a less desirable place? Could this mean the end of the anticipated deal? Maybe “twits” will be unable to face being seen as the poor relation.

Poor M.Z. Just when he thought he was about to join the ranks of the worlds super rich, the very people who launched him on his massive ego trip were poised with sharpened pins eager to burst his over-inflated bubble. Isn’t fate cruel!


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