What’s the Capital of Europe?

IT depends on your VIEWPOINT

Maybe this map will help…

If you happen to be from continental Europe, particularly Eastern Europe, and looking for a place that rewards immigrants with contribution-free housing, medical care and other financial benefits, not to mention changing our laws to accommodate you, then, even though not geographically central, your answer has to be the UK.

Migrants are travelling the length and breadth of Europe (and beyond), passing through many countries along the way, just to reach the promised land. Why don’t these people settle in the various countries through which they pass? Could it be because those countries don’t want them, and make it very clear? Or, could it just be because the UK is known, worldwide, as a soft touch? And who do you think finances this utopia; the British people of course!

Travelling across mainland Europe is simple; by road, rail and even on foot. On the other hand the UK is an island, we had natural border defences – until someone decided to dig a tunnel. What a jackpot for the illegals!!!!

Thank goodness the Border Agency are there to defend our shores…


With the Olympics only weeks away I can’t help but wonder just how many of the million+ visitors that arrive for the games will never leave, simply disappearing into the woodwork, only to emerge a suitable time later at the nearest benefit office.

It’s happened! The Olympic opening ceremony has still to take place yet the first “asylum seeker” has already popped out of the woodwork. It was just a matter of time – & I’m sure he won’t be the last! Yet more drain on UK taxpayers!


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