How Many More?


A fashion spectacle, a great day out, a chance to win – or lose – a fortune; the race that has become an institution has claimed more lives!

It’s been happening for years, horses dying as a result of greedy people. Despite various changes – some may say tinkering – another two horses died as a result of this years Aintree Grand National. Maybe it should be called the not-so-Grand National.

If athletes were subjected to similar race conditions, well, it would never happen – and people have the choice! Horses don’t, they are literally driven to perform under totally unacceptable conditions. How many more will die as a result?

Something must be done to stop this carnage. If the race can’t be made safe it should be discontinued.

Changes are to be introduced ahead of next years Grand National, largely due to the appalling loss of life we’ve been seeing in the past. However, as there is to be no reduction in the number of horses running – the cause of many incidents – it’s debatable if the changes will be enough.


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