Rising Prices + Wage Cuts


Here in the UK the cost of living is rising almost daily; food, utilities, fuel, you name it, it’s costing more. But not everything is going up; wages, pensions and benefits are all being slashed. It doesn’t take a mathematician to see that Mr & Mrs Average are getting poorer. This is David Cameron’s route to recovery!

He’s telling us that we need to spend, to get more money in to the economy, to create jobs and growth.

Exactly HOW are people supposed to spend money they don’t have?

Isn’t that how financial crises occur?

Call it simplistic, but people can only spend if they have sufficient income – and with wages & pensions being slashed, and savings being worth less every day, where is that income to be found?

If the UK population is to see any growth in personal wealth Cameron has to go – and quickly!


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