Government Welfare Reform


As part of the governments’ welfare reform plans, the Department for Work and Pensions awarded a contract extension worth over £300 million to Atos Healthcare, a private company with an annual turnover in excess of €5 billion.

According to Atos they will “continue to deliver medical advice and assessment services to support the UK government’s welfare reform agenda to help people to move into and progress in work, while supporting the most vulnerable.” That’s the official line. In truth they are simply out to cut benefits!

Anyone who’s ever dealt with Atos will know exactly how ruthless they are when assessing a persons ability to work, and therefore eligibility for benefit. Even severely disabled people have been assessed by Atos as “capable”, thus stopping their benefits. Simply put, Atos produce a report that best suits the people paying them – the DWP (Dept of W**kers & Pi***cks)!

If anyone is wondering who calls from 01264-325540, it’s Atos!

Now Iain Duncan Smith is taking these measures even further in an attempt to claw back benefits from UK citizens, by making the criteria even tougher. I wonder if he’ll be applying that same tough criteria to EU immigrants coming across the channel to avail themselves of Britains generous welfare system (as Europrats like to portray it). I doubt it very much, that would be seen as discriminating against foreigners (but it’s fine to discriminate against UK citizens).

Another disgraceful policy from politicians who are supposed to work for us!

A British child, with cerebral palsy, has had to travel to the U.S.A. for treatment – on money raised through private donations – because the UK government, in the form of the NHS, refused to fund treatment here. Yet they continue to welcome “health tourists” from all over the world!

DWP minister, IDS, hell-bent on cutting benefit! Atos the hatchet firm!

DWP minister, IDS, hell-bent on cutting benefit! Atos the hatchet firm!

Update 04/07/15Disability Living Allowance (DLA), the benefit paid to disabled people with mobility problems, is being replaced by Personal Independence Payment (PIP). Why? So that the government can save money.

How are they doing this? By using Atos to assess claimants, but this time against far more restrictive standards! That’s what PIP has introduced. “Make the goals small enough and virtually no-one will score” is the DWP ethos. It’s worth mentioning also that Atos, the people who carry out the assessments and who report back to the DWP, obviously get lots of grief from disallowed claimants, because they stress that their “healthcare professional does not make the decision on your claim”.  Yeah right! They just produce the report that the DWP use. So, who really decides your claim? Obviously it’s Atos!

And where does all the money they grab back from disabled people end up? In benefits for health tourists, immigrants and other countries! How do these politicians sleep!!


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