Security Needn’t Cost

Border security to be increased

In preparation for the impending influx of visitors this summer, the government has come up with a way to cope with the vast numbers of people coming to the UK. They’ve decided to employ extra staff at air and sea ports, while at the same time saving money. How? They’ll be employing… immigrants!

They’ll work for very little pay, and they won’t ask questions. Just the kind of people our Border Agency needs. OK, so many don’t speak English that well, but as they won’t be doing many checks on visitors that won’t be a problem. In fact UKBA have dropped most of the checks anyway – even on those they employ!

As an added bonus, by carefully massaging the figures the government can make it appear that more people are in work too.

The fact that pretty well any “undesirable” will be allowed to enter the UK is a small price to pay for those two big political gains.

I’m sure Cameron & Co had many sleepless nights until they came up with that one! I wonder who’ll be looking after their security…

Update 26/03/13Home Secretary Theresa May has just announced that the UK Border Agency is “not good enough” and is to be scrapped — after ploughing £M of tax-payers money into it. Another government mistake but guess who pays, yet again…


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