No More!

Contingency, what continency?

With the break up of the single European currency imminent the UK is bracing itself for a deluge of immigrants from continental Europe.

It must not happen!

The government is making noises to head off a revolt, but the British people want action. Enough is enough. We are only a small island, hell, we’ll sink under the weight of yet more immigrants coming here for the free hand-outs that Cameron & Co ever so kindly bestow on foreigners, and all paid for by hard working British people.

The Euro, and even the EU itself, is going down the tubes. We never joined the currency and we’ve been  demanding  out of the EU for years. Seems the average Brit is smarter than those europrats think! Now if only it would rub off on our politicians…

Update 02/12/13Poised, on the brink of yet more immigration, this government is again letting eurocrats dictate who we allow into our country. In less than a months time we face another potential influx of eastern European migrants. Cameron & Co would have us believe the new rules won’t result in such a deluge but, faced with life in a country where the average wage (for those lucky enough to have jobs) is a mere pittance or relative wealth – & benefits – in the UK, it doesn’t take a genius to guess where those foreigners will choose. This island cannot sustain indefinite immigration, we have finite resources, not to mention land! We are already sinking thanks, in no small part, to Con-LibDem policies. It has to stop. If those EU ministers want free movement of labour fine, let those same ministers house, feeds & support the migrants. The UK cannot & will not!

UK sinking


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