Why Bother?

Save for your future

For generations we’ve been told that it’s good to save. Apart from being self-reliant it reduces the burden on the state. So that’s what many tens of thousands of ordinary people have done, putting their hard-earned cash into savings accounts with the expectation that they’d be able to enjoy a decent standard of living in later life. There’s only one problem; with interest rates at rock bottom – some Euro politicians even suggesting a 0% savings rate – that hard-earned cash is making nothing, and while it’s just sitting in banks or building societies it’s actually losing value!

So, why not spend it while you can? Cameron & Co want just that, to get the economy moving again. And once you’ve enjoyed the fruits of your labours, and it’s all gone, there’s always the benefit system to call upon for support (while you have savings the government will give you nothing) – just as the immigrants do the moment they arrive in the UK. But unlike the immigrants, being born here you’ve actually put something into the country before you take it out – so you’re entitled to it!

It’s about time the government thought about Savers, and realised their importance, instead of simply cutting interest rates all the time. Without savers this country would have been in an even bigger mess, even sooner, than it is now and without regular savers the burden on the state becomes unsustainable.

People like Cameron and Clegg (and their peers) don’t have to worry about saving; they simply take more of our money when they need a bit extra. What will they do when we’ve spent it all? They can’t have it both ways!


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