What Right Do They Have?

Your personal information

Too many companies these days seem to think it acceptable to use an individuals personal & private details for their own gains, most often without the consent or even knowledge of the individual concerned! I firmly believe that to be fundamentally wrong.

A friend pointed me to a petition which sums up the problems quite well…

“Personal and private information relating to individuals is commonly collected, secretly, by companies and commercial organisation which then use that data, often for profit, without the knowledge or consent of the person to whom it relates. This often results in unsolicited contact via mail, telephone, email and SMS which individuals find annoying and even distressing. It is very difficult for individuals to trace, or be removed from, the many mailing lists which result from such data harvesting.

I CALL UPON THE GOVERNMENT TO CHANGE THE LAW so that, unless an individual has specifically opted-in to receiving marketing and other such unsolicited information (by simply contacting a company or entity this does not automatically assume an opt-in), it is agreed that they have opted-out and no unsolicited contact is to be made.”

If, like me, you think tighter controls should be placed on personal data, then please support the petition.

Footnote: This petition has closed. Unfortunately apathy rules!

I wonder how many people realise that simply by using comparison websites, for things like insurance quotes (no transaction necessary), that can lead to companies accessing a persons credit history, and obtaining personal information. Doesn’t that tell us that a tighter grip needs to be placed on personal data?


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