EURO-nly acting

Get Up & Get On With It!

Soccer used to be (primarily) a real mans game, but judging by the antics witnessed at most professional games these days, it appears to have been taken over by dramatists and thespians; hell these drama-queens should belong to “Equity” rather than the “PFA”! And with the Euro 2012 competition now under way we’re seeing some truly amazing performances, worthy of an Oscar at least.

The slightest contact (even just the thought of it is often enough) and they roll around the pitch as though they’d been shot, it’d be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic. It’s only made worse when match officials pander to these impromptu performances, instead of punishing such blatant fraud.

One of the arguments for keeping technology out of the game is that it would interrupt the flow of play. What flow? There are so many stoppages (tackle = fall = free kick) that it’s a wonder the referee doesn’t have to change his whistle at half time! We need technology to highlight the disgraceful and dishonest behaviour and bring the con-artists to account.

I often wonder how these so-called professionals would survive a trip to the local supermarket. A brush against a fellow shopper would see the company first-aider called into action, and heaven help us if trolleys should collide, there’d be a call for the air ambulance!

Of course, the root of the problem is money. These prima donna’s are paid obscene amounts in relation to what they do, so naturally they think they are extra special and can do as they wish (on or off the field). Soccer has become nothing more than a business, and the game is worse for it.

Now that Euro 2012 is ended will that also mean an end to the acting? I wish! I’m afraid it seems to be ingrained in todays soccer players, they know no different. If only we could roll back the clock…

Update 02/06/13FIFA, soccers’ governing body, is planning a re-think for next season here in the UK. So concerned are they about the all too frequent interruptions to play, caused by (actual or assumed) physical contact, that a new pitch layout is to be trialled.

Soccer Air Ambulance

They hope that by using air ambulances to speed up essential treatment for the obviously life-threatening injuries demonstrated, often on a minute-by-minute basis, by many professional soccer players, they will more accurately reflect the obscene sums of money involved in todays game.

Update 28/06/14Two years on and things are just as bad! The World Cup is promoted as a “stage”, well that’s certainly true; a stage full of actors! Pushing, pulling and holding are commonplace, yet when it’s an outfield offence it’s usually penalized with a free-kick but inside the penalty area it raises nothing more than a word from the referee (if that). Why the difference? It’s the foul that counts, not where it takes place. Referees need to be seen to be in charge, but the more they turn a blind eye the worse things become. Soccer has become a joke, and a very poor one at that, and FIFA are largely to blame. They fail to set proper standards; the case of Suarez – yet again – biting an opponent is a prime example. This was the 3rd time he’s done this revolting and cannibalistic act, yet all he gets is a temporary suspension. This animal should never darken any soccer pitch ever again. Until players learn that they do NOT make the rules the game will continue to go downhill!


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