The £27M Garden

What is The Pound (£) Really Worth?

With the UK in the grips of the deepest recession for 40 years and its population becoming evermore frustrated with the struggle to make ends meet, we now hear that there is money available after all – £27 million to be precise, and it’s being spent on a garden for the London Olympics! That’s right, the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games is to see the stadium transformed into a glorified garden.

Just think what our justice system or health service could do with £27M. How many extra police officers or nurses could that employ? Not to mention other sectors of society presently under-funded and having, as our politicians so glibly tell us, to make severe cut-backs. No cut-backs for some…!

But hey, never mind, there’ll be a pretty scene to impress the rest of the world, and the select few taking part will have a nice day. I’m sure the nurses who’ve been given “a role in proceedings” will really appreciate such an expensive day trip; then again maybe they’d just prefer to keep their jobs!

It seems that money has, at least for those with it, truly lost it’s value.

The government are again “fixing” figures to detract from their appalling  business management. With the Olympics £6.4Bn over budget I fail to see how this government can call it a “significant achievement”. Maybe it’s less than they expected…

As if the garden extravaganza wasn’t bad enough now we learn that £300,000 has been spent on 5 metal rings (the Olympic symbol which hangs from Tower Bridge). Whoever claimed that contract must be laughing all the way to the bank! Obviously austerity measures only apply to certain sectors of the population.

G4S (formerly Group 4) have brought the same kind of incompetence to the Olympics as that inflicted on the prison service (through privatisation), despite the astronomical expense to the British taxpayer! Of course, the blame must be shared with the government, after all it was politicians awarding lucrative contracts without ensuring the company could fulfil its commitments that allowed these disasters in the first place.

The government has drafted in yet more troops to plug security gaps left by G4S at Olympic venues, at the very time this same dictatorship, by cutting the strength of our armed forces, is throwing thousands of soldiers on to the scrap heap. David Cameron then plans to use the Automobile Association (his “temporary police”) to plug the gaps in Army ranks!

How useful is a set of jump leads against an enemy using IED’s…?


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