Exactly How Cheap Is Security?

Can It Get Any Worse?

In the wake of the G4S Olympic fiasco the UK government has reached a new low in its attempts to ring every last penny out of the British people!

As golfs prestigious Open Championship gets under way the police force under whos jurisdiction the location falls has, due entirely to the financial cuts imposed by this government, implemented what has to be one of the most drastic and ridiculous money-saving measures ever. They have entrusted the policing of traffic around the venue to a motoring organisation.

That’s right, a bunch of car mechanics have been given the power to stop people and take their names and addresses if they believe them to be committing a traffic offence or acting in an anti-social manner. The move is intended to free up police officers for “core duties”.

I always thought that keeping the UK roads safe was a core duty!

When PCSO’s were introduced that move was widely seen as policing-on-the-cheap, but this latest plan plummets to new depths.

Who knows, if the AA don’t manage to make too much of a hash of the job they could be in line to take over from G4S as security at the Olympics, or even as replacements for Border staff, though I doubt we’ll see the yellow vans patrolling Downing Street any time soon!


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