Economy Not That Bad After All

How Convenient

In an attempt to put a positive spin on things the UK government has announced that our economy shrank by only 0.5%, not as bad as feared. Good news politicians may say. But wait; think about the timing of this announcement.

One of the major things that happens next month is the setting of increases in pensions for the following year. If the economy isn’t in such a bad way after all, then there’s no need for such a large rise in pension payments. Obvious when you think of it, certainly from a politicians point of view.

Or maybe it’s simply that (as we all know happens) the figures have been made to fit the situation, justifying the governments position of limiting pension increases, a particularly important concern for the poorer in our society.

This government has always made clear it’s intention to cut spending – at all costs, at least as far as the British people are concerned. Strange then that we’re still sending £billions in overseas aid! Where are the cuts there?

As predicted, the government has just announced that inflation is down – to 2.2% – just in time to suitably limit next years pension increases. Do you think they’ll also use this figure to calculate MPs pay? Not a cat in hells chance!!!

It was as certain as night follows day! Having used Septembers inflation figure to set next years pensions increase, we now hear that Octobers figure shows an “unexpected rise”. Unexpected by who? Certainly not UK pensioners. It can’t simply be coincidence when it happens year on year. Let’s say it as it is… the government arrange the figures to suit their purpose. Absolutely corrupt!!!


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