You snooze, you lose

Leave Them At The Gate

How many times have you heard the announcement “would passengers a,b,c please go immediately to gate x, the aircraft is about to leave“? And this gets repeated several times. It’s even worse if you happen to be one of the many sat on the plane, waiting for latecomers.

Why should your flight be delayed because of some thoughtless individuals?

If you’re not at the bus stop when the bus leaves, it goes without you. Same for trains, no matter that you may have a ticket, if you’re not there at the stated departure time it goes without you – and rightly so. So why not aircraft?

Departure times are clear; procedures should be in place that if a passenger isn’t on board at the necessary time their bag is off-loaded. This should be done early enough to enable on-time departure, and if they should then arrive… tough, they’re still late and deserve to miss the flight. After all, why should 200 or more people be held up for the sake of 1 or 2? There’s also the knock on effect of late departures, with missed connections etc, not to mention costs to the airlines (which they then pass on to us). If this was a published policy for all airlines I’m certain less people would be willing to ignore the clock, and more flights would take off on time.

So, get there on time or miss your flight! Simples!!


3 responses to “You snooze, you lose

  1. Tnx roadwax, a good suggestion.
    (I did say “This should be done early enough to enable on-time departure” but I take your point).

  2. Great point!

    But extracting baggage from the hold of an airliner that is ready to depart is such a logistical hassle that airlines do all they can to instead find the passenger and get them on the plane.

    I suggest that any passenger who puts baggage into the hold of an aircraft and then fails to show up for boarding on time should have their passport marked to that effect.

    Airlines will increasingly refuse to carry such passengers since they represent a potential security threat. Just two ‘no-shows’ and most of these numptys will probably be booking with P&O Ferries henceforth.

  3. Couldn´t agree more!