Call Centres

What’s Wrong With Ours?

Is it just a UK thing? Why do so many UK-based companies use overseas call centres? Is it simply that they’re cheaper? Certainly it’s not because they give a better service.

Cheap they may be, but the vast majority of customers who have ever been routed through these places would willingly pay to have a better service provided from within the UK.

When you do get through to one of these people (and it’s never the same person twice) even the simplest of enquiries becomes tedious and time-consuming. The language problem is the first hurdle; no matter that these operators “speak English”, understanding, and being understood, is no easy task, and if you have to call back you may not even speak to the same call centre. They should have records, but it’s almost always the case that you need to repeat the whole story before you can move forward.

On the other hand when you’re lucky enough to get through to a UK call centre it becomes simplicity itself in comparison.

So, what’s the answer? Only deal with companies using UK call centres, or maybe put your enquiry in writing to the company’s UK address (with a statement that you want UK call centres)?

What’s so bad about employing UK workers? These companies should stop putting profit above service!


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