What’s In A View?


They’re appearing all across the land, and in our seas. The wind turbine. But why?

Of course there’s a need for “renewable energy”, no-one disputes that, but are these monstrosities really the best way? To begin with just look at them, no-one can say they’re pleasing to the eye or even that they enhance the landscape. Then we come the reason for their existence, to generate power. Well, yes, they do generate power, when there’s enough – but not too much – wind, though people living and working near these things will tell you about the noise created, not to mention the hazard they cause to wildlife. Everything depends on having just the right amount of wind, at the right time. Sounds very hit or miss to me.

So, what about an alternative? The UK is fortunate in that we are an island, with seas all around us. It’s always there, tides are totally predictable, and it has power to burn! So why aren’t we putting resources into tidal energy? For a start most, if not all, of the equipment needed to generate wave power is below sea level, hidden from view, so virtually no impact on the landscape. It’s also quiet (not many people object to the sound of the sea), but best of all it’s reliable. Power when we want it.

OK, building out at sea is always going to be more difficult than erecting a metal post in a field, but by pursuing the present line of wind farms the government are taking the easy (cheap) option and ignoring the long-term benefits. That last bit sounds familiar!

We need to invest in the future, and if that means diverting  some of the £Bn’s sent in overseas aid in order to make a better life for our citizens, then our politicians owe us that much!

It’s not bad enough that these things need near perfect conditions in which to produce electricity, this government actually pays the operators to turn them off in bad weather – upwards of £25m of taxpayers money!


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