Brand over Brain


With the iPhone 5 hitting the streets any time now maybe buyers should stop and think; just what are they getting – or to put it another way, why are they paying up to £700 for a handset that costs a mere fraction of that to produce? And, to add insult to injury, it makes previous iPhone accessories virtually obsolete. Nice one Apple! [They’ll now sell you an adapter for another £25!] Not so nice, Apple!

The previous iPhone sold for around £500 but cost less than £115 to make. It’s pretty certain this new model will be screwing brand-blinded customers for equally ridiculous mark-ups!!!

All to keep Apple exec’s in the luxury previous buyers have allowed them to lavish on themselves. Only people with more money than sense would shell out that kind of cash just to carry around an i-diots phone.

Are the money-makers at Apple really arrogant enough to think they can move the world around to suit themselves – or just incompetent enough not to know where cities really are? And to say it gets better with use… joke!


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