For Whose Benefit?

The Prince is back in Afghanistan, but why exactly?

Prince Harry wants to be out there, doing his bit. Maybe it’s the Royal family that want to show their support for government actions against the Taliban. A skilled soldier certainly, but indispensable… No. His last tour of duty there was cut short when his presence became public knowledge. Now, during a recent attack Harry had to be protected, away from the action, by other soldiers. What’s all that about?

There’s no doubt that, for the Taliban, capture (or worse) of the Prince would be a tremendous boost hence the special protection, but is that really fair? The very presence of Harry in the region is encouraging more attacks and placing other soldiers at even greater risk.

This is not a case of “what the Prince wants the Prince gets”. Quite simply if he can’t be “just another soldier” (which plainly he isn’t) he shouldn’t be there.

In fact, should any of our troops be there? They don’t even know who they’re fighting much of the time, and if they can’t identify the enemy how on earth can they ever defeat them? Afghanistan is turning out to be another Vietnam or Belfast, and look what happened in Belfast. We fought the IRA for years, then politicians stepped in – & gave in – to allow the IRA a grip on political power (always their aim). Then the fighting started all over again! Who won that one?

It makes me mad when I hear UK politicians talking about “us” or “we” in the context of the Afghan war. Just how many of these politicians have served in our armed forces? {Clue: the answer is a single digit below 1}.

How many more must die before Cameron & Co wake up?


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