Put your own house in order, B.O…

Mind Your Own Business!

Barack Obama and David Cameron“The Obama administration issued a direct challenge to David Cameron over Europe when it warned of the dangers of holding a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU.” {the Guardian}

Keep your nose out of our business!!!

With all the problems affecting the U.S. Barack Obama needs to sort out his own country before meddling in ours, and if David Cameron had any backbone he’d be the one saying it!

For too long the U.K. has been concerned about what others think; it’s time our politicians realised just who they are responsible to, and where their loyalty lies. We must do what’s right for us, regardless of what other countries may think!

United Kingdom controlled as 51st U.S.state.

Update 29/08/13It’s not only Obama that needs to keep his nose out. Who appointed David Cameron as “world police chief”?

He has more than enough issues to deal with here in the UK, without sticking his nose into other countries problems; problems that could well return to bite us (as a general population) on the a***!

But hey, he’ll always ensure he’s safe enough.


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