Non-stick Mail


RM non-stickThere are various companies that are permitted to handle mail for businesses and households across the UK, Royal Mail [RM] being the one that has the job of that final delivery to the recipient.

Working backwards, it’s the RM postman that puts the item through your letterbox, having received it from the RM sorting office. They in turn will have received it from either another RM depot or possibly an outside company who received it from the original sender.

It the item is delivered to the household in a clearly visibly damaged (possibly open) condition, who is responsible? Well, if RM handled it from the outset then it’s simple; they are. A problem arises though if the sender used someone other than RM, as it’s often impossible to say at what point damage occurred.

One thing is certain; the RM postman would know it was damaged at the time of delivery. If nothing was done about it (i.e. temporary seal/re-bag etc) at the time RM first discovered the damage then they are failing in their duty of care.

But here comes the crunch. According to RM they only accept responsibility where they are the only carrier (even if they caused the damage), in other circumstances any claim by the recipient has to be made against the senders’ original carrier. One big problem here; the householder has no way of knowing who that may be. Indeed, who’s to say that any other carrier was even involved? After all, as far as the householder is concerned only RM have been seen to handle the item.

This is a massive case of “sloping shoulders”; “it’s not our fault!” The householder is left with a time-consuming and often fruitless endeavour to get compensation. Where’s the “customer care” RM are so often heard publicising?

With so much Teflon covering the business, it’s a wonder Royal Mail ever manage to hold items long enough to make deliveries!! Or maybe that’s the reason so much mail gets lost…

Come on Royal Mail, admit at least some responsibility!

Update 27/06/13When a customer makes a claim for lost mail RM require form P58 to be submitted. It is unclear as to which form they require when they lose form P58! The Royal “Snail” is an absolute joke, yet not funny because it’s the taxpayer that is out of pocket. If they were paid by results they’d owe us a fortune…

Update 13/07/13Now it’s being privatised. Any guesses as to why..?

Update 31/07/13“…admit at least some responsibility!” Not a chance. Even when a postwoman is downright rude to a customer they simply smother the whole thing in a liberal coating of whitewash, and when confronted by CCTV evidence blatantly deny all wrong-doing. There’s no dealing with morons like that, or rather the only way to deal with them is to ignore the monkeys, go straight to the organ-grinder. CEO, Moya Greene. That gets results, PDQ!

Update 17/10/13After happily pocketing the free shares handed out after privatisation, postal workers vote to take strike action over issues surrounding that very same privatisation. Greedy hypocrites!


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