Simply No Limits


RAF RescueHow far will David Cameron go in the pursuit of money?

RAF Search & Rescue, the UK’s premier air rescue service, is to be privatised! Sold to an American company, to raise money to fund this prime ministers ludicrous and deluded policies.

It seems nothing is safe from this man. He’s already started ripping the heart out of the welfare system, a system that has been the envy of the world for decades, by cutting benefits from those most in need. What will he sell next? What have we left worth selling…!!!

Any suggestions as to who’s flag will next fly over government buildings…

Update 13/07/13The question of selling anything else has been answered loud & clear by this coalition government. Our national postal service is next to go! Now the Royal Mail is to be privatised. And next…???

Is there anything this prime minister won’t sell?


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