Just Who Governs Who?

Strasbourg… again?

Human Rights BuildingWho’s Human Rights take precedence?

Here in the UK shops must close, by law, for only 2 days each year, Christmas Day & Easter Sunday, guaranteeing shop workers the shortest of breaks, and the opportunity to celebrate our religious days as they were meant to be.

However, as not everyone recognises those two special days as religious festivals, a case has been put before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg alleging infringement of the human rights of non-Christian groups (by not allowing them to shop when they wish).
Seems that 363 days isn’t enough, or could there be some other, more sinister, motive for wanting to ride roughshod over the vast majority of the UK populations religious beliefs?

It appears that anyone can claim for anything these days; like the woman Police officer who’s suing the victim of a crime – because she tripped over while investigating!

The world has gone mad!


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