United States of … Europe


Merkel EuroAdolf Hitler tried to dominate Europe by force, it took a world war to stop him.

Angela Merkel is trying to achieve the same aim through politics. What will it take to stop this modern-day Hitler?

She plainly sees herself as presiding over a United States of Europe, rivalling the U.S. president for the title of the world’s most powerful leader. History has shown that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely! We need to stop this power-crazed maniac now, before she turns us all in to goose-stepping frankfurter-eaters… or worse!!!

Can we Brits rely on David Cameron to fight our corner? I think not. The last two years has shown where his priorities lie!!! This bully never stands up to foreign politicians, instead draining the resources from already over-loaded Brits in favour of immigrants.

New qualifications for immigrant entitlements; simply by setting foot in the UK guarantees the jackpot!

Cameron, as you love Europe so much emigrate! In fact go anywhere, but just GO!!


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