Still they cut!



It’s just been announced that the latest round of UK government cuts will mean 4,000+ soldiers being made redundant. But, as the spokesman pointed out, this will not mean a reduction in the number of soldiers available to defend our country. They intend to recruit up to 10,000 new soldiers.

Now, here’s the thing; if these 4000 soldiers are no longer needed – as defined by the term “redundant” – then why are so many more being recruited?

I suggest it’s because the current soldiers cost too much, and when new ones are recruited they will be on far lower salaries. The government are simply changing the terms of contract for soldiers!

This is highlighted by the case of a soldier made redundant just 87 days short of a time when he would have otherwise collected a much larger pension. “Let’s get rid of him before he costs us even more” was the cry coming from government offices. Disgraceful!

When was a politician last made redundant?



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