No Cuts Overseas

… BUT At Our Expense!

UK damageWhile the British people continue to suffer the abuse of this Cameron led coalition other countries have no such worries, and continue to benefit from our hard work.

George Osborne has just announced his intention to continue savage cuts into the finances of the British worker by scrapping annual pay increases & long service rewards for millions of people who do nothing more than work to keep this country afloat, while at the same time pledging to send £M’s of taxpayers money to other countries!!!

The idiots in parliament should remember just who elected them and who they should represent. Those MPs clearly have more loyalty to foreigners than to the British people!

Maybe we should exchange our UK passports for those of some other nation, at least then the government would show concern for our welfare.

Update 09/08/13Now we’re even paying for African astronauts!


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