Those over-worked MPs


Empty ParliamentAs can be seen on many occasions during a parliamentary session, those MPs who actually bother to turn up at all regularly “nod-off”. Is it through over-work, or boredom?

MPs are plainly hard-done-to, so it’s no wonder that it’s just been announced they are to get a pay rise, of up to £10,000 p.a! When was the last time a regular British worker got such a rise? – Never, in my lifetime. And this comes on the back of George Osborne’s announcement that public service employees are to lose their annual pay increases altogether.

If that isn’t hypocrisy then I don’t know what is!

Arrogance in the extreme. These people need to get out into the real world instead of sitting on their a**** spouting hot air.

Yet another reason we need a monumental shake up of government!

Update 10/07/13MPs are to be awarded a pay rise of 11% according to the expenses watchdog. How can that be reconciled with  public service employees being limited to 1% for the past 3 years? Sheer hypocrisy!

Update 09/12/13Now MP’s are telling us they are powerless to stop this insult going ahead. Why powerless? If they don’t like something then change it, they’ve changes laws in the past when it suited them, so do it now. Or maybe “me thinks they doth protest too much…“.


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