Are They Serious?


feeling-luckyDrink driving is now accepted as wrong, and rightly so! But while plenty of measures have been taken to address the issue there remains one very simple step that appears to have been overlooked.

Leaving aside for a moment the well-known consequences of drink driving, just think about the time in the pub. Some pubs are taking  reasonable action to deter drink drivers, by offering free soft/non-alcoholic drinks to designated drivers, and this is to be commended, but others are almost encouraging it.

How? By making it financially beneficial to drink alcohol over soft drinks.

That’s right, many pubs charges  as much, & in some cases even more, for soft drinks than for alcoholic ones, then try to justify this by saying it costs them as much to buy, say, Lemonade as it does for beer. Well, if that’s true then the suppliers/brewers need a wake-up call, or if it’s just greedy landlords then they should be penalised.

UK law refers to offences of “cause or permit”. It’s clear that pubs are walking a knife-edge here, by “causing” customers who may later drive to choose the cheaper option when buying drinks. It’s human nature. It takes a strong will to spend more in order to “do the right thing”, especially after a drink or two.

So Government, focus your actions on the roots rather than just the aftermath! Spend some of your publicity budget on correcting the obvious imbalance in drinks pricing.


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