People for sale…


Medical records for saleFirstly an apology; you’ve read here several times “what next for sale?”, it must be getting boring. However, the truth is, just when we thought it couldn’t go on, it does!!!

The Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has come up with a secret plan to sell confidential medical records to private companies. That’s right, patient records, including identifiable details such as NHS number, are to be added to a central database from which private firms can buy what they wish! It’s incredible!

The Data Protection Act was supposed to prevent this kind of thing, but it seems once again, this government change the rules as they go along.

So, to answer the first question “what next?”, I reckon it’s got to be “people”. Any country with a small population can apply to Cameron & Co to buy some of us, we’ll then have our nationality changed to whichever country has bought us.

Crazy…??? No crazier than many of the ludicrous stunts this government has pulled so far.

This prime minister will sell absolutely anything – or anyone!

He has to go!


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