Religion or Security?


Why is one acceptable and the other not?Yet again the UK favours foreigners.

The person on the left can freely walk in to a bank (or similar building) dressed in this way and nothing is said. However the person on the right would, in the same situation, without doubt be asked to remove the helmet. Indeed many organisations openly display notices banning the wearing of helmets inside their premises, supposedly on the grounds of security.

Yet, which of these two pictures hides the wearers identity most? Isn’t that a security risk?

It’s plain that security takes a back seat to religion. In fact should this “religious” garment be questioned it would undoubtedly be seen as discrimination, yet it’s all too easy for anyone (it could even be a male inside) to abuse this form of dress with the intention of committing acts of crime or terrorism.

But heaven forbid the UK government should ever question such wearers!

If security is so important, and in this day & age it most certainly is, then a line has to be drawn about what is and isn’t acceptable, and religion (real or otherwise) should not be allowed to compromise that.

Update 08/11/13Guess what, it actually happened! This “religious” garment has been used to allow a terrorist to evade capture, but will anything be done about  this outrageous abuse?

Update 24/07/14Yet another example of why immigrants must not be allowed to change UK laws. It’s like allowing everyone to move around in disguise. How do they hope to identify such people, or are we more concerned about offending their feelings?


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  1. This actually happened to my husband! our-focus-is-out-of-focus
    Post 8.21.12