Shaping Figures


OSAFollowing todays autumn statement from Camerons’ posh pall George Osborne, it’s clear that the OSA, the department singularly & specifically tasked with making the figures fit which ever line the government is pushing at the time, has been working overtime.

Despite what the general public know, based on everyday life and the ever decreasing money in their pockets, Osborne continues to tell us we’re getting better off (people working longer before being able to draw a pension, which itself will be reducing all the time is a plus…?? Raise the age high enough & there’ll be no need for pensions at all!). Hell, there’s so much spin going on it’s a wonder these politicians manage to stay on their feet (in the HoC most sit & sleep).

Cuts & austerity, that’s the continuing theme. Why? because we have no money. Why? Because we’re giving it away, in £Bn’s, to other countries!! Even as far back as March 2012 it was seen as wrong to give away the British peoples wealth (I use the term “wealth” reservedly). Yet MP’s continue to value their “aren’t we great” overseas reputation above duty to the people that elected them.

The disgrace goes on, and will, until we have a real change to the very structure of government in the UK. It can’t happen soon enough!


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