Economy Grows


Wage packetWhile Cameron & Co insist their policies are working, leading to growth and improvements in the UK economy [OSA], the public continue to see no evidence. In fact, just the opposite.

At the very time when MP’s are having an obscene pay rise “forced” upon them, the governor of the Bank of England has slapped the average worker in the face.

This comes on top of huge energy price increases just announced. Gas & electricity bills going through the roof. What are the government doing about it? Apart from spouting all the usual phrases, like “we need to invest for the future“, nothing! While they “invest for the future”, secure in the knowledge that if things get too uncomfortable they can always jet off somewhere warm, many people are left choosing whether to heat or eat! There will be no future if the present continues to spiral into chaos.

Cameron is actually encouraging a civil rebellion, and if things continue as they are it’s more than a remote possibility. One thing’s for sure, there has to be change – starting in Downing St!


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