JusticeToday two men were found guilty of the brutal murder of a British soldier on the streets of London. They have yet to be sentenced but whatever the exact term it’s certain to mean a long time behind bars. But is that really justice?

Yes, they’ll lose their liberty, they’ll go to prison for years but what does that mean in practical terms? Very few people outside of the prison system understand what it actually means to be locked up, indeed for many the term “prison sentence” is the end of the line, justice. In reality however, prison is a place where criminals have no bills, food, a roof over their heads and often an education, all paid for by the taxpayer. It costs a huge amount to keep someone in prison for many years.

In the case of these two killers they may well be released to walk the streets and enjoy life again. Something their victim will never do. As this case is headline news I’m using it as an example but there have been other equally brutal and abhorrent crimes committed, in some cases with the offender already back on the streets.

Capital punishment was abolished in the UK years ago, in the name of humanity, but throughout the years since then crimes have been committed which, in order to truly administer justice, required only the death penalty. Crimes where doubt was beyond question, crimes so vile that they couldn’t be attributed to a human being! Animals are put down for mere blips yet these “human animals”, who should know better, get the softer option, and on occasions are released only to kill again!

Politicians would have us believe we’ve progressed; I’m of the opinion that we’ll only really progress when such killers are taken out of circulation permanently!

Update 26/2/14For at least 45 years the UK taxpayer will foot the bill for keeping these two killers in jail. One to serve a minimum of 45 years, the other never to be released; the huge – & unnecessary – burden today heaped upon already stretched citizens will only grow with time. They hoped to be killed themselves in the attack on Lee Rigby, why not give them that wish and forget them!

Update 03/11/14Another murderer is to be “cared for” at the publics’ expense. Those running this so-called enlightened society need to waken up – and smell the anger of the majority of British people. Successive UK governments have consistently refused to give us a referendum on capital punishment; because they know the outcome will be overwhelmingly in favour! There can be no clearer example for the justification of “a life for a life”.


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