Samsung Tremble

Customers hit a nerve!

SMUK nerveThe fiasco of the 4.3 update is well documented but, in a recent development, it appears Samsung Mobile UK are really beginning to tremble. Clearly they have been inundated with complaints from far and wide but until now have simply dismissed them out of hand, with platitudes and excuses. However, yesterday they resorted to actually blocking complaints they don’t like! Obviously the truth hurts.
That can only be the act of a desperate company!
Customers are leaving in droves. Sales have suffered, and will continue to do so, hopefully leading to those responsible losing their jobs, and rightly so.
I suggest consumers vote with their feet; buy elsewhere.

Update 18/03/14Samsung have been hurt more than anyone could have imagined! So much so that they pressured Facebook into removing a page dedicated to the mistakes of this inept bunch. A company to truly avoid at all costs!Facebook strangled


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