How Can They…?


No Motorway PubsThe drink/drive message can be news to no-one these days. “Don’t drink and drive” is plain common sense, and any responsible person (let alone driver) would agree with that.

So why on earth has a pub been allowed to open on a motorway service area?

Actively encouraging people to drink then drive goes against all common sense! The dangers are so obvious, and yet it’s been allowed to happen. Obviously “money talks”. There can be no other explanation.

Clearly, as government-owned service areas do not allow this, politicians must agree that it’s bad news, so how soon can we expect them to plug the loophole that permits it on private service areas? Will it be when someone’s been killed as a result of a driver stopping off at this pub?

Roads Policing has, like many sectors, been hit by cutbacks yet it seems only sensible to park a police car close to the exit to this service area. When drivers know that stopping there for a drink is likely to mean close scrutiny from motorway police maybe they, and the company behind this ludicrous venture, will decide it’s not such a good idea after all!

Drink drivers... take the risk - take the punishment!

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