UK in Need


Flooded BritainAt the first mention of disasters anywhere in the world the UK government immediately get out the cheque book. Time and time again we see £M being sent across the globe, even though we face cuts at home. But when the UK is hit by unparalleled weather, and the subsequent horrors it brings, which countries reciprocate?

Indeed, it was only recently when MP’s began to feel the true strength of anger amongst the British public that they reluctantly announced they would “divert” some of the overseas aid budget – to help us in this country. Too little, too late!

MP’s from all sides are making concerned noises, in an effort to retain their jobs at the next election, though even now, in the face of the devastation communities across the UK are suffering, overseas aid is still a ring-fenced area for this government.

The UK is not facing these adverse weather patterns alone, we know that, but we MUST make our politicians understand that they have to look after British people ahead of all others – or maybe they expect other nations to support them at election time!

It’s the old story, years of neglect by subsequent governments are coming back to bite the British people on the arse! If only a fraction of the cash sent abroad had been spent on maintaining/updating resources in this country, we wouldn’t be in the predicament we are today.


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