How soon?

Too soonIt’s a technological world no-one would disagree, and in the main it’s brought untold improvements, but is everything in the garden really so rosy, particularly for the young?

Children these days expect, (often demand), to have the latest gadgets. Homes are filled with personal electronics of every description and kids must have their own. Schools are no different, with computers on desks being as commonplace now as a pocket calculator (or before that pens and rulers) a few years back.

But what’s happened to the human brain, the most intricate computer of them all?

Technology, in many cases, is taking away the power of thought. Children believe unquestioningly whatever the screen tells them!

Not long ago while shopping in a market I was served by two lads (aged 11-12yrs?). When it came to giving my change one said he’d forgotten his calculator, so the two of them counted out my change on their fingers – and all I wanted was change from £1!

Parents, you’re not doing them any favours, saying “No” occasionally is a good thing!

Too much reliance is placed on technology particularly in schools. OK, so kids need an awareness of the world as it is today, but not enough emphasis is given to the basics. Indeed the “3 R’s – Reading wRriting aRithmetic” have been side-lined in favour of the keyboard.

Technology should aid us, not replace us, or we simply become robots.


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