Still very much needed


Long live faxTrends come and go. Time was when virtually all communications, particularly for business, used the good old letter, even though it was sometimes slow and delivery not guaranteed. There was of course the phone, but that was not really appropriate for many situations. Since that time we’ve seen the advent of electronic communication; Email being the one that everyone will think of. But let’s not forget there’s also another – the facsimile. It has all the advantages of a letter, with the speed of a phone call and confirmed delivery of email.

Fax machines were once expensive and not for the general public, but that changed. Nowadays fax machines can be bought very cheaply, and many “multi-function” office machines include fax capabilities, even home printers have it – some with colour. Fax is in the realms of the ordinary person.

So why have many companies dropped it altogether? I believe it’s a deliberate ploy to discourage contact.

Many companies just don’t give out their fax number, they only want contact through an online form, where often a lot of unnecessary information has to be entered before the form will submit. This is possibly so that they can bombard us with junk mail, though they’d say it’s to discourage spam (E-junk!) and improve communications. “Improve” for who?

How often have you used such a contact form only to get back an “auto-reply”, and then nothing else?

A fax is somewhat different in that it’s not so easy to auto-ignore, and that, I believe, is why many companies don’t want them!

Rather than “bring back the fax”, let’s not let it go in the first place!


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