Airlines play dominoes

… with passengers!

Aircarft seats

We’ve all been there, and experienced it… the domino effect.

Aircraft seats are made to recline, and that’s a good thing, right?

Well, if you happen to be seated in the front row, then yes it’s great. But for those behind maybe not so good, and for the poor guys at the back it’s downright awful!

A lot depends on good old common sense, except it’s not that common it would appear. Courtesy dictates that, during meals, seats are put upright to allow those behind to use the table and eat in comfort. But how many times have you had that “I’m alright Jack” seated in front of you? The man (or woman) who’s only concern is for their own comfort. These inconsiderate so & so’s actually need to be told to move their seat! This can, in extreme cases, lead to arguments, or worse!

Even during normal flight not everyone wants to recline their seat, but if the guy in front decides to “go to bed” there’s little option but to also recline – unless you like viewing the TV screen from 4 inches!

Why is it necessary to have so much movement on seats? Reduce this to only a couple of inches or so; even at that there’d be enough movement to relax – as far as anyone can in standard seats.

Of course the “premium/business/first” class sections are different, they have lots more room between the rows anyway, and so reclining isn’t the issue it is in economy.

Come on airlines, have some “common sense” and actually consider all passengers, instead of just paying lip service!

Update 31/05/14Finally, an airline takes notice! Monarch Airlines have just announced that they are to fit non-reclining seats across their entire fleet. Great news! Now let’s see who has the courage to follow…


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