When it’s needed


Stair liftFor people who get around easily it’s sometimes difficult to understand the problems for those who can’t. Even walking up stairs can be a major obstacle. Take the case of a person who, because of hip and spinal problems, struggled to climb the stairs in their home. This person thought a stair lift would be a solution, so applied to the local council for financial assistance (these items can be expensive).

The actual process of installation would take one day, with possibly a few hours previously for preparation work. This person started the application process. After 2 years a physical assessment was done and it was agreed a stair lift was necessary. Great they thought, help at last. But No, not yet. They were told that it could be another 2 years before their application is approved, if indeed approved it is. If not, the 4 year wait will have been in vain.

The point here is this; when such a mobility aid is required is it reasonable to expect a person in difficulties to wait 4 years? Clearly not! These delays are always put down to financial pressures, so why then is the UK government still sending £Bn to other countries? There’s something fundamentally wrong with a system that puts foreigners ahead of its own citizens!

Update 07/08/14I’ve managed to obtain a copy of the documents that were required to be completed in order to apply for the grant mentioned above. Up to 62 pages of information had to be provided before the council would even consider the application. If that isn’t designed to deter applicants I don’t know what is!


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