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Bikers can and must do more to make themselves visible!

Bikers can and must do more to make themselves visible!

Most people will be aware of the various road safety campaigns aimed at cutting accident rates between motorcyclists and cars (& other vehicles), but it seems as though the message is almost always aimed at the driver, implying that riders are the innocent victims. Well, I suggest there should be a more even distribution of responsibility.

Take the sticker above; how many of these have you seen being pushed by road safety campaigners? You’ll see lots saying “Think Biker” but shouldn’t bikers themselves do more thinking? I’m not for one minute suggesting it’s always bikers to blame for accidents, likewise it’s not always the drivers fault either. Both must share blame.

Often accidents occur because the biker hasn’t been seen. OK, so they now usually (though far from always) ride with lights on, but the majority of riders wear black or dark coloured clothing. Have they never heard of hi-viz? They could do more to help themselves, so why don’t they?

I won’t repeat an earlier article; all I’ll say for now is that the emphasis for staying safe needs to be evenly distributed!

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