The answer to all issues


Factory ResetPhones, laptops and tablets will have been on many peoples Christmas lists and, as seems all too common, many of these will develop faults, often very soon after switch on, and usually when you’ve managed to load them up with all your important information. Worry not though, there’s always the warranty.

A call to the technical support line will soon have things working again – you hope.

Things are rarely that straight forward unfortunately. When you do manage to illicit a response it’s usually the same one, no matter which manufacturer you’re dealing with.

“Try a factory reset”. It’s the first thing they come up with. Never mind that you’ve spent ages inputting all your data, and getting the thing to look and feel just how you like it. All that time and effort is going down the drain. Yes, a reset does that! Even if you’re able to make a back up first, it’s still going to take some time to restore things, and that “reset” isn’t even guaranteed to cure the problem.

So, why is it the first thing those tech people think of? It’s like it’s the only reply button in front of them! It never occurs to them to try to work through a problem to determine the cause. Simply hit the button! Well that’s rubbish; those same tech people would be rather annoyed if, having taken their car to a garage because of a slight problem, the mechanic told them to have a new engine fitted!

Personally I’ve had these issues with Samsung, HTC and Medion amongst others, and it’s not good enough. These tech departments shouldn’t need to use a sledge hammer to crack a walnut, if they were any good…


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