Energy Saving?


No hot fillIn this day & age of energy saving one everyday item seems to have been ignored. The washing machine, common in virtually every household, is a substantial consumer of that precious energy, but why must it consume so much – when there’s a solution.

Apart from the actual washing action, energy is also used to heat the water going into the machine. Surely if that heating process could be reduced or even eliminated then energy would be saved.

Time was when all such appliances came with two hoses, hot and cold, and the user could then choose whether to use hot or cold water. Naturally the use of hot water would save both time & energy, so why have manufacturers removed the “hot” option?

There are various “reasons” given by manufactures and service people as to why hot fills are unnecessary, but common sense says otherwise. The water must be heated to perform a proper wash, so not to use already hot water is simply wasteful. One thing’s for sure, cold-only machines takes far longer to complete a wash, thus using more energy!

Maybe the real reason lies in finance. Maybe it’s cheaper to manufacture cold-only machines, thus increasing profits. Maybe common-sense isn’t that common after all!



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