Independence Day!


The Union Jack FlagFinally the UK regains control!

It’s been a long time coming but we now have control of our borders and our laws, without interference from unelected bureaucrats in continental Europe. No-one ever said it would be easy, and it wasn’t,  but nothing worth having ever is but we now have the opportunity to decide our own future.

Naturally EU leaders are displeased, not least because they’ll lose £Bn’s which we can now spend in our country, on our priorities. They’ll also be worried that other countries could follow the UK lead, eventually causing the demise of the EU itself, along with the many fat-cat jobs!

Still, that’s democracy at work! A phrase those in the “remain” camp that can’t accept defeat must swallow. The country has spoken, get over it!

I’m sure there’ll be much to come on this subject in the coming months but for now it’s time to celebrate a historic victory for freedom!

Update 16/03/2017


Queen gives Royal Assent to Article 50 bill


March 29 2017Article 50: Theresa May to trigger Brexit process next Wednesday






Update 16/12/2018




A lot has happened in the two years since the UK democratically chose to leave the EU, or rather there’s been a lot of talk. In fact very little has actually happened, and that’s frustrating many people, not least the 17,410,742 people who vote “Leave”.

One of the biggest hold-ups we have is our PM, Theresa May. She voted to remain in EU, yet as PM she has the job of taking the UK out, effectively going against her own wishes and beliefs. It’s kind of like putting a fox in charge of the chicken coop then asking it to take great care of the hens!

Her negotiations with the EU have produced nothing, at least nothing acceptable to the #Brexiteers, those who voted to take back control of our country. She has gone to Europe asking, almost begging, for permission to leave, and willing to compromise on pretty much every aspect of the peoples demands. She’s still letting the faceless unelected bureaucrats in Brussels dictate terms.  The very thing we’re leaving to end!

The “remoaners”, those who voted to remain, are trying to get a second referendum in order to overturn the Leave vote, using as an argument that the Electoral Commission say the Leave campaign broke the law and therefore the voters were “conned”. The same Electoral Commission has also previously stated that voting (at all elections) is totally anonymous, yet ballot papers have serial numbers. It hardly takes a genius to see that numbered ballots can be traced back to individual voters. That is hardly anonymous! So why believe the EC now?

A second referendum to stop Brexit is simply a nonstarter, undemocratic and if allowed would mean that every future election where people didn’t like the result would have to be re-run, & re-run, & re-run…

The remoaners are also asking us to accept that the Leave campaign was the reason for people voting to leave. In fact, it was the massive unrest within the country, and the pressure it caused, that created the Leave campaign in the first place! People simply had enough of being ruled by the EU, the campaign to leave only brought about the parliamentary action! Not the other way around.

Theresa May is in deep s**t to put it mildly, she has a deal with the EU which will never be accepted by the UK people, and which the EU have said is no longer negotiable. Yet the arrogant megalomaniac persists. We clearly have the wrong person in charge! No wonder #MayMustGo has so much impetus.

The UK is due to officially leave the EU on 29 March 2019, and it could well be without a deal of any kind. Personally I feel no deal is better than a bad deal, and many people agree!

There’s not much time left now, and still work to be done. The only thing that’s certain is that the UK must regain it’s control.

Thanks to the treachery of MPs the only way UK can now leave is on EU terms! That is a country held to ransom by its own officials!


BETRAYED by the very people elected to represent us!

The majority of British voters chose to leave the EU, a democratic decision. By rejecting a #NoDeal #Brexit our politicians have thrown away our major bargaining chip. That means, in simple terms, in order to leave the EU UK must accept whatever deal is put to them by Europe. That is not negotiation, that is RANSOM!

These politicians are a disgrace to the country and traitors to democracy. They make me ashamed to be British!

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