Guarantees/warranties come with pretty much everything we buy, but how much are they really worth? There are several aspects to that question but the one I’ll refer to now is “term”, i.e. just how long do they run?

Most are either one or two years from date of purchase,  but what happens when you claim on that guarantee? For example, take the case of a vacuum cleaner that has a 12 month guarantee but breaks irreparably after only 4 months. The manufacturer issues a replacement without problems, but the guarantee on the new cleaner only has 8 months left to run. Surely, it’s a brand new product just like anyone would buy in store, so shouldn’t the guarantee be the full 12 months, as it was for the first item?

Taking that a step further, if the cleaner broke after 11 months and was then replaced that replacement would have a 1 month guarantee! That, to me, seems unfair.

I’m ignoring here change of ownership, fraudulent claims or any other such activities as the vast majority of claims are genuine.

If a replacement product is, as stated above, in new, factory fresh condition then why can’t it be guaranteed for the full 12 months? Don’t manufacturers trust replacements to perform, or are they supplying sub-standard products for some reason?

This isn’t a new situation and it’s almost universal amongst retailers and manufacturers, but my question is “why?”. So far no-one has been able to provide a plausible answer.

So, test it thoroughly and soon!

Beware small print!


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