And Another Thing…

Those Special Cyclists

Some appear to think they are exempt from the normal rules of the road. Actions such as riding on pavements, riding in the wrong direction along one-way streets and failing to stop at red traffic signals all appear to be permissible actions for some cyclists. Well, the fact is they are not, so if you belong to the “exempt” group you can have no complaints when things go badly wrong for you.


Feature TV’s

If there’s one feature I’d add to a TV set it wouldn’t be wi-fi or home integration or any such fancy stuff, it’d be the ability to turn off chosen audio channels, and in particular sports commentators. I’m sure the games would be far more enjoyable without those over-paid opinionated clowns chirping up every few seconds with their versions of what should or shouldn’t be happening. All I want to do is watch the game, and enjoy the atmosphere. I’m more than capable of forming my own opinions about what I’m seeing.


Why should some companies/public organisations wish to be secretive? Whenever they phone someone they withhold their telephone number, presumably so that the recipient cannot call them back. What are they hiding? Groups such as hospitals and government departments are major offenders in this area but, again, why? There are publicly available numbers for most of these organisations, so why not phone out on one of those numbers? It makes no sense. OK, so they wish to remain anonymous, that’s their right, but if they want to talk to me I expect to know, not unreasonably, who’s calling.  My right is to ignore withheld numbers, and I’ll continue to do just that.

Know It All

“Sanctimonious, arrogant, disrespectful, pompous” and “the worst TV football pundit ever”. Who? Alan Hansen of course.

Well said David Gold!

Automated Phone Menus

 “In order to speed things up for you…” then follows the dreaded “press this press that” menu – that goes on for minutes! And why is the option you want never listed?

Unnecessary “R”

The English language can be difficult to learn but for native English speakers [TV presenters take note] there can be no excuse for poor, indeed ridiculous, pronunciation of basic everyday words such as “drawing”. Obviously there is only one “r”, so why do some people pronounce it “draw-ring” or “drawering”? We are not talking about furniture of any kind! There is no “r” at all in “sawing” yet it’s often heard pronounced as “sor-ing”. No wonder kids grow up unable to speak our language as it was meant to be.

One-Way Security

Companies which, when phoning customers, ask to “..take you through security” while at the same time provide absolutely no proof of their identity. This applies mainly to banks and other financial institutions. If they need proof of the clients I.D. then plainly the client needs similar proof before divulging personal information. As it stands there is a hole in security big enough to drive a train through! If a client should become the victim of fraud as a result of this gaff would the bank etc cover any losses?

Value Added TRICKS

Car manufacturers that get away with false advertising. “Pay no VAT on new ***** cars”, it’s a clear enough statement, and one designed to grab the buyers attention. It’s only when you read the (very) small print that you realise what they’re really saying is “a 20% discount off list price, then we add VAT to that” — far from the same thing! Simply trickery.


Companies using Business Class mail may be suffering hard times but with deliveries quoted as 5 to 10 working days I really think someone should invest in a new pony, before their customers forget what the letter is all about! I recently received such a letter, posted less than 4 miles from my home. It took 7 days to be delivered!


Pet HateForeigners telling the UK who we must have in our country, while at the same time admitting that such a person (A.Q.) is “a dangerous man”. What about our human rights?

Update 7/07/13Not before time either!


Pet HatePayments that are taken immediately, within hours, but refunds that take several days to arrive. If a company can take your money so quickly then they should also give it back equally quickly, but they don’t! Why…?  Because the longer they can hold your money the more they make. It’s wrong.


Pet HateOne rule for us and another for MPs! Would you or I get away with this? No! And to say he was punished… ha! I reckon most people would be grateful for that punishment!


Pet HateCompanies like to say they’re doing us a favour by using 084* & 087* phone numbers. In fact they’re usually costing us money (while making it themselves). These numbers are rarely, if ever, included in a phone “package”, whereas true local, geographical, numbers are almost always included. Always look for alternatives.


Pet HateIt may be old-fashioned but good manners dictates the removal of caps/hats indoors. Unfortunately it’s now all too common to see this being ignored, with baseball caps being favourite for being worn in restaurants etc., and it’s largely (though not exclusively) “younger” men who are the main culprits. Maybe they’ve never been taught about manners.


Pet HateThe growing use of metric measure where  it is simply wrong! It happens a lot & TV programmes, made for/shown in the UK & USA, are particularly guilty. Both of these countries measure distance in miles, so why the need to quote as kilometres? It’s not clever, it’s not helpful, it’s just plain meaningless!


Pet HateWhy should new customers get the best deals? It’s existing customers that keep a business going; they should be the ones to get the deals, instead of subsidising the new folk! Whatever happened to loyalty?


Pet HatePoliticians who, despite the austerity they impose, still believe the UK taxpayer has an endless supply of money; so much so that MPs continue to finance the rest of the world.

funded by the taxpayer

Charity Bags

Pet HateThose plastic sacks that pop through the letterbox with annoying regularity. On average 5-6 each week. Have these people not heard there’s a recession? Post yours to your MP, see how many get filled then!


Pet HateCat owners that turf moggy out to roam the neighbourhood, fouling and generally causing nuisance everywhere except their own property.


Pet HateGovernment departments and private companies that feel unable to sign letters. Maybe they’re unaware that “Yours faithfully… [such & such department]” is plain bad manners, or maybe they’re simply unable to write their own name — or maybe they don’t want to be held accountable for the content of such letters! Either way, it’s simply not on.


Pet HateAre they ignorant of the laws of the game, or just inept when it comes to implementing them? So much acting goes on these days, players rolling around as though mortally wounded when in fact they were hardly touched, that spectators could be forgiven for thinking they are watching a theatrical farce rather than a game of soccer. There’s also more pushing, pulling and holding going on than at any rugby match! They’re supposed to be in charge, so they should grow a pair!!!


Pet HateThere’s a clear difference between an “invoice” and a “receipt”, yet some companies don’t realise it, and send customers invoices in place of receipts. It’s not brain surgery; an invoice goes out to request payment, once paid a receipt is issued. The standard of education displayed by some accounts personnel is appalling! These companies deserve to lose business: they’ll certainly lose mine!


Pet HateThose people who throw (literally) lights at the house well before Christmas, then leave them hanging there like some shrivelled plant for months afterwards! They can’t think it looks good, so they must just be lazy!


Pet HateSome companies think it’s fair to inflate delivery charges. Well it’s not! Take an envelope weighing a fraction over 200g; Royal Mail class this as a large letter and for their Next Day 1st class Recorded Delivery service, charge £2.83. The same packet, delivered after 4 days by a courier company, was charged at £9 (yes Nine!) by a company called Emergency Vehicle Solutions Ltd of West Sussex. Plainly this company sees nothing wrong in ripping-off it’s customers. Thing is, companies stand or fall on their reputation, and EVS are heading for a massive drop on the back of such a rip-off!


Pet HateNo doubt many are useful, however they almost all have the self-appointed experts who think they know it all, and never tire of telling others just how much they think they know.

Although, as the saying goes “it’s better to keep quiet and let others think you’re a fool than to speak and prove them right“. So experts, button it!



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